Who is Truly Blessed?

Who is Truly Blessed?
There is such a great evil among Bible believing Christians, and I include myself in this evil and repent of it often… Hearing the Word of God but not seeking to do the Word of God is sin.
Studying to learn the Bible instead of studying to do the Bible is cause of great concern (if there is no desire to do what one has learned after one has studied).
I am, at times, so discouraged because I know the Scriptures, but I fail to do them.
I am like many “believers” who go to “Church” and hear the Word of God but don’t have a heart to do the Word of God. Lord Jesus, forgive me.
If going to fellowship and hearing a Bible teaching is the extent of our Sunday worship, then we have greatly missed the whole point of going to fellowship and hearing the Word of God.
Unless we go to hear the Word of God for the purpose of doing the Word of God through the power of the Holy Spirit, James says that we “deceive ourselves.”
And, let us not stop short of simply attending a fellowship to hear the Bible – how about every time we open our Bibles in our daily devotions?
Are we reading the Word of God to do what we have read?
Our Lord Jesus continually encouraged those who heard Him to “take heed how you hear.”
I have great concern for my generation and my children’s generation.
Ought we to be going to our fellowships in order to do the Word of God that we are going to hear?
Ought we to be reading/studying the Word of God, so we may live the Word of God in our daily lives?
I believe that many, including myself, have forgotten the admonition from Christ: “Blessed, rather, are they that hear the Word of God and keep it” – Luke 11:28.
May we, dear friends, be included among the ranks of those whom our Lord Jesus says are “blessed.”
The grace of our Lord Jesus be with you. God bless you.