Pray for Asia Bibi in Pakistani Prison


Asia Bibi has turned Pakistan upside-down with her unflinching commitment and love for the Lord Jesus Christ. She has been in prison, separated from her husband and children, since 2010. Her lawyer has fled Pakistan fearing for his life even though she has been acquitted of blaspheming Mohammad. The issue is that the country’s many Islamic hardliners are rioting, blocking roadways, and demanding her death. The rule of law is being thwarted by Islamic thugs who hate Asia for believing the Gospel of the risen Lord Jesus Christ – that is her only crime! Please pray for Asia Bib; bring this up today at your worship service. Ask your pastor and elders to lead the congregation in praying for her, her family, and believers in Pakistan who are now being targeted by the thousands of rioters.

Today is International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church – let us pray:)