Look what God can do – He turned water into wine,

He gave sight to the blind,

He touched the untouchable leper and then healed him,

He walked upon the water and rescued Peter,

He set free the hopelessly possessed demoniac of Gadara and sent him to preach what great things God had done for him,

He loved the unlovable including His enemies,

He taught with authority and His doctrine was filled with invincible power,

He raised children and adults from the dead with the power of His Word…

He clothes the grass of the field and provides the sparrow its needs.

He walks upon the wings of wind and clouds are the dust of His feet.

What has He not done to prove to you that He loves you, dear reader.

Remember Him whose love reaches to the heavens and whose faithfulness surpasses the heights of the clouds.

Jesus Christ is alive, and He will take care of you if you put your heart’s trust in Him.

God bless you.