Holy Spirit: The Promise Of The Father


The Holy Spirit is the promise of the Father.The Father could have sent us anyone or anything in this universe to be our Paraclete or helper, but He didn’t. He sent us the His only Vicar of Christ – the one and only Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is God.

The Holy Spirit is Holy.

The Holy Spirit is here.

The Holy Spirit is in the hearts of, and controls the minds of, all who are in Christ Jesus our Lord by faith in His death and resurrection.

You don’t need a spoon full of sugar, a beer, or a cigarette. You don’t need a larger house, a fancier car, or a vacation. You don’t need a larger salary, a new wife or husband, a bonus, a winning lottery ticket, or beach front property. You don’t need nicer clothing, blue suede shoes, or brownie buttons. The giving of the Holy Spirit is God the Father’s immediate priority – being filled with the Holy Spirit is His desire for all who call upon the Name of Christ.

You and I need the Holy Spirit; He, alone, is the promise of the Father. Our Father could have given us anything! He didn’t. He gave us the greatest thing – the only thing needed for spiritual vitality, spiritual significance, and eternal purpose – His Holy Spirit.

He came to fill us with Himself. If He is what the Father has given, then we should accept our Father’s gift.

May you be filled with Holy Spirit, precious saint, and may you forever grip His loving hand by faith.

God bless you.