For The Sake of Allah…

Dear “soldiers of light,”

Jesus of Nazareth taught, “I am the Light of the world; he that follows me shall not walk in darkness but shall have the Light of Life” – John 8:12.

Jihad is not the way to bring back the honor of the glorious days.

Jesus of Nazareth said, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No man comes to the Father except through me” – John 14:6.

Jesus, not jihad, is THE WAY.

Jesus of Nazareth taught that you are to “Love your enemies. Do good to them that hate you. Bless them that curse you, and pray for them that despitefully use you” – Luke 6:27-28.

Maidens do not await you in Paradise. The Khilafah is lying to you.

Through your sacrifice, the Khilafah is getting rich. The Khilafah is not about the One True God. It is about getting rich, getting women, and getting power. You are nothing to the Khilafah, and you mean nothing to the Khilafah.

The Khilafah teaches you lies, so you will fight for them. You are fighting for a lie.

The Khilafah does not care if you die. However, there is One King who does care about you. He is Jesus of Nazareth. His Kingdom is not of this world. You should work for Him not the Khilafah.

The Khilafah teaches you to kill its enemies. Jesus teaches you to love your enemies.

The Khilafah teaches you to rape women and little girls; Jesus teaches you to treat a woman as you would treat your own mother and to treat girls as you would treat your own sister with all purity. Jesus teaches you to marry one woman in your lifetime and to rejoice in her and lover her at all times.

The One True God revealed what is most important to Him – it is not Jihad. It is not the Isis Khilafah. It is loving your enemies and loving Him.

The One True God demonstrated what is most important to Him. He showed His love for you by sending His Son, Jesus of Nazareth the Messiah of Israel, to die for all of your sins on Roman cross at Calvary.

The One True God showed you His love through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ for your sins and mine.

The path to Paradise was already revealed by Jesus of Nazareth long before the Khilafah. It does not involve sex, but glorious, eternal communion with Jesus Christ the Lord and Savior. He is the One True God, and He loves you.

The Khilafah has distorted this path with a version of its own. The Khilafah’s version of Paradise is a lie.

All the shaheeds who have gone before you, are screaming at you from the pit of hell to abandon the Khilafah.

You cannot hear them, nor can I. God has not allowed their voices to be heard from the darkness and torment of eternal hell fire.

You must obey the Voice of the Torah, the Prophets of Israel, and the Gospels in order to escape the eternal fires of hell.

If dead, Isis “soldiers of light” could come back from the dead for thirty seconds and join you they would not tell you how great Paradise is or how wonderful all the sex is. No, they would tell you that the Khilafah’s version of heaven is all a lie, that you are fighting for a lie, and that you must escape the lies of the Khilafah before you, too, become a shaheed in eternal hell.

If an Isis shaheed could return from the dead for ten seconds, he would not confess the shahadah with his tongue. He would proclaim to you that Jesus Christ is Lord and Mohammad is a false prophet.

You can read all about the torments of hell here and a dead man’s desire for his family to know the truth:

I hope and pray that you will come to the knowledge of the truth – Jesus Christ is Lord, He is God, and He is the Savior of the whole world.

I pray that you will become a true soldier of the Light by following, repenting, and believing in Jesus of Nazareth. If we do not repent of our sins and believe in Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection, then we will suffer eternal damnation in hell.

Jesus alone will reign over all the earth not the Khilafah of Isis.

Follow Jesus of Nazareth.

Read the Bible.


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