Transgender And The Truth That Never Changes

Dear friend to whom the world has lied,

There is truth that never changes – Psalms 119:160; Malachi 3:6

The truth can only be found in Jesus Christ – John 14:6; Acts 4:12

There is truth: the truth about who God created you to be, and the truth regarding why He created you – Revelation 4:11.

God created every human being for His purpose and for His glory, but we can rebel against His purpose.

Your birth gender is a gift from God. Every man was created by God to be a man; every woman was created by God to be a woman. You may change your appearance, but you can NEVER change your gender. It is a lie to believe that it is possible to change God’s precious gift to you – your birth gender. If you believe the lies of this world, then you will obey the lies of this world. If you believe the truth of the written Word of God, the Bible, then you will obey the truth that is written in it, and the truth will change your life not your gender.

Believe in the God of the Bible who is Jesus Christ, and you will know the truth about yourself – that God created your birth gender for His glory, that your birth gender is a precious gift from God, and that He invites you to have a relationship with Him through His Son Jesus Christ – Romans 10:9-11.

Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins, and He rose again from the dead. He is PRESENTLY alive, and He will return to this earth as He said – Matthew 24-25.

You don’t need a gender change; you need a heart change. You need your sins forgiven and to have a relationship with the One True God of the Bible – the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He is what you are missing. He will fill the emptiness inside your heart, He will cleanse your conscience of all the sorrow and pain your sins have caused, and He will love you like only God can. Once you repent of your sins and believe in Christ’s death and resurrection, Jesus will come and live inside your heart and transform your heart. He will not change your gender, but make you to understand, believe, and live the truth regarding who He created you to be and the truth of His great love for you.

May you know the risen Christ – He is the truth, He created your birth gender, and He loves you just as He created you. He did not make a mistake with your gender. The world is lying to you, but Christ never lies; everything Jesus Christ says is the truth. He claims to be THE ONLY TRUTH – read the Bible and see for yourself (read John 14:6; John 18:37; Ephesians 4:20-21).

Don’t put your trust in men or women who claim their “sex change” has transformed their lives. They are lying to you. God’s Truth, the Bible, is the final authority. God’s Word says that He created your birth gender, and only He can change your life through His Son Jesus Christ. This is The Truth.

With love to you, my friend,


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